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Design consideration play a major part in the beginning of any project, We take this on board and allow for design of interfacing equipment such as Gear Unit, Lift Cars, Doors, Safety gears etc. This process affectively covered in the beginning of a project will try to eliminate any problems that would be faced during the time scale of the project and in hand reducing the implicated costs.

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Detailed site surveys are carried out systematically on every contract to client’s requirements and specification. Togather, with the survey, photos are also taken for reference purposes.

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CAD Drawings

Cad drawings are prepared from survey details, sketches, photos and client specifications, and most importantly to EN-81-70 for modernisation of existing Lifts and BS EN81/2 for new Lift designs.

For approval purposes, a simple pack of drawings can include the following or select to suit your needs:

  • GA Layout Drawing
  • Machine Room Details
  • Shaft Elevation Details
  • Car Perspective Details
  • Car Operating Panel detail
  • Landing Entrance details
  • Builders work drawings

And or select to suit your needs additional parts and detail drawings from the list below:

  • Bedplate
  • Car/Cwt Buffer Stool
  • Safety Gear plates
  • Car Shoe plates
  • Cwt Shoe plates
  • Divertor Pulley Steels
  • Guarding
  • Other

All drawings are prepared in 2D AutoCad and can be supplied as DXF, PDF format.

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Having input at the design, survey and cad drawing preparation stage of the contract, gives us an edge in providing manufactured items that will fit on site without any complications.

This is an optional part of the business and plays a very important part as far as we guarantee any manufactured items provided by ourselves will fit snugly on site.

Following list of items we can provide eg.,

  • Complete New Lift Cars
  • Half height / full height Car Operating Panels (Cop) and DDA Handrails
  • Handrails
  • Bedplates
  • Car suspended ceilings
  • Guarding
  • Bespoke items
  • Other

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